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Philip Augustus Hudgell

1867 - 1944



Rev. Hudgell of the Junction St Baptist Chapel

"Rev Hudgell, Junction St Baptist Chapel 1903 (about)."  Philip Augustus Hudgell was born in 1867 at Newton Abbot, Devon, son of Baptist minister George Hudgell (1838-1921) and his wife Adelaide Elizabeth Smith (1831-1902).  He followed his father into the ministry, training at Spurgeon College, and settled in Derby in the early 1890s, where he became minister at the Junction Street Baptist Chapel in Derby.  He later moved to Addleston and Bognor Regis.


From The Baptist Handbook:


HUDGELL PHILIP AUGUSTUS, was born at Newton Abbot on 23rd May 1867. From earliest years he yielded to the Master's claim upon his life, and in 1886 entered Spargeons College in preparation for the ministry. On the completion of his course he settled at Wrexham, a pastorate which he held until 1892 when he removed to Waterford, Ireland.


    A ministry of three years was followed by successive ministries at Junction Street, Derby (1895-1908); Hinckley(1908-1919): Addleston (Union Church) 1919 -1925). Bognor Regis (1925-1937). During his last year t Bognor, Mr Hudgell was elected moderator of the Kent and Sussex Association, an office of which he was very proud, and in which he served the Churches with unsparing devotion.


    After his retirement, in 1937, he continued to minister to the Churches in pulpit ministrations and for over two years he preached every Sunday without a break. On 31st December 1944, he heard the Masters call to higher service, leaving a widow and children to mourn his loss. He was a man 'Full of grace' and a faithful minister of the Word. His living and preaching were Christ-centred and many will thank God for his Memory.





Monday, Aug 26, 1889

The Queen In Wales

BALA Aug 25



 Tuesday, Aug 27, 1889

Court Circular
Category: Court and Social


The second day of the Royal progress is over, and has been even more triumphantly successful than the first. Along the route, by road from Ruabon to Wrexham - a route lying through a densely-populated mining district - in the streets of Wrexham, and within the limits of Acton Park her Majesty has received such a welcome as can hardly have been expected even by the most sanguine.

    All men know that Wrexham would be crowded and that the greatest possible care would be bestowed on the decorations, but few, if any, were prepared to see such teeming multitudes of people or an effect so perfectly delightful as that which was produced by the decorations. Of these and of the people more will be said later.

    As for Bala, it wore the most woebegone appearance yesterday morning, for the flags were gone and the arches - with the exception of that near Rhiwlas-lodge - were rapidly disappearing. The little town, which had done nobly on the preceding day, was resuming its ordinary gray colour, and looked, so to speak, none the better for its day of dissipation. But if the flags and the arches had vanished there were compensations for the sun had appeared and there was every promise of a splendid day for the ceremonial at Wrexham.



To her most gracious Majesty Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland - May it please your Majesty, on behalf of our brother Nonconformist ministers in the counties of Denbigh, Flint and Merioneth, and representing a large and important section of you Majesty's subjects in those counties, we beg to to convey to your Majesty the expression of our loyalty and devotion to the Throne. We recall with great satisfaction the progress made during your Majesty's reign in the direction of religious freedom, as evidence, among other measures, by the opening of the Universities to Dissenters, and the abolition of religious  tests. While we also recognise with devout thankfulness to Almightily God, the unparalleled material prosperity with which our beloved country has been blessed during your Majesty long and beneficent reign, we acknowledge with at least equal gratitude the wide and the growing influence for good which your Majesty's high personal virtues have exercised upon all your people, from the Court downwards. Fervently praying that you Majesty may be long spared in health and strength to reign over a peaceful and prosperous country, we remain your Majesty's loyal and dutiful subjects.


David Roberts, DD Welsh Congregational Minister

W Olive M A English Congregational Minister

Edward Terman English Presbyterian Minister

H Barrow William Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Minister

Messrs Edward Terman, Rev. E. L. Haworth,

and Rev P HUDGELL were presented.



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 Monday, Sep 07, 1891
 Ecclesiastical Intelligence


Among the Baptists the following changed have taken place :- The Rev P.A. HUDGELL, minister of the English church at Wrexham, has been invited to undertake Evangelistic work in Ireland.




Monday, Sep 28, 1891
Ecclesiastical Intelligence


The Rev P.A. HUDGELL has resigned the pastorate of the English church at Wrexham, with a view to undertake evangelistic work in Ireland



 Monday, Jan 04, 1892
 Ecclesiastical Intelligence


Among the Baptist Churches the following changes have occurred:- The Rev Philip A HUDGELL, late of Wrexham, has been called to the pastorate of the church at Waterford in succession to the Rev John Douglas.



Monday, Feb 04, 1895
In the Congregational churches the following changes

In the Baptist churches the following changes have taken place:-The Rev Philip A HUDGELL, of Waterford, entered yesterday on the charge of Junction Street Church Derby.




Monday, Apr 15, 1895
Ecclesiastical Intelligence


In the Baptist Churches the Following changes have taken place:- The Rev Philip A HUDGELL has been inducted to the charge of Junction Road Church, Derby.


 Saturday, Aug 15, 1908

 New appointments


In the Baptist churches The Rev Philip A HUDGELL has been elected minister of the church at Hickley.




Thursday, Dec 04, 1924
 Free Church Pulpit Changes


In the Baptist churches The Rev Philip A HUDGELL of Addlestone, has accepted the pastorate at Bognor.


Thursday, Jul 29, 1937
 Ecclesiastical News

Church Appointments


The Rev Philip A HUDGELL, of Bognor, and the Rev. Hugh Rodger of Theydon Bois, Essex have resigned.



The Baptist church was founded by separatists within the Church of England in 1611 and by 1633 it had itself split between the Particular Baptists and those that remains as the General Baptists, the former becoming the more numerous body by the end of the century.  In 1891 the two groups reunited as the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland. It should be remembered that members of a Baptist church do not practise infant baptism, so that their registers will record births of the members children and their subsequent baptism as adults.



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