Thomas Hudgell

1819 Toot Hill

1844 - On board The Maria Somes

Parents:  Thomas Hudgell and Sarah Buck.

Wife:  Emma Radley


His life of Crime

This is the story of a young man who was born in the village of Toot Hill near Stanford Rivers Essex.

 But this young man took to a life of crime which ended tragically for him and cut his life short.

The first view of Thomas  was on the 1841 census, a young man of 20 lodging with Charles Lowen and his wife Ann in Coopersale Common near Epping in Essex,  also in the household was the young lady that Thomas was to marry later that year Emma Radley aged 15 female servant of Essex, along with Eliza Stanton also aged 15 a female servant of the county.

 Thomas and Emma Radley married a few months later on September 5th 1841 at Theydon Garnon, a part of Epping Town.

Thomas’s occupation was stated as agricultural labourer but soon after his marriage he took to a life of crime which showed him committing crimes in Hertfordshire as well as Essex. But his last crime earned him the sentence of transportation so on the 19th February 1844 he was convicted of ‘Obtaining money by false pretences’ .

Thomas Hudgill died aged 22 on the 27 July 1844 aboard the convict ship 'Maria Somes' two days out from it's destination of Van Diemen's Land


ADM 101/49/4  Medical journal of the Maria Jones, convict ship, for 1 April to 17 August 1844 by James Osborne, surgeon superintendent, during which time the said ship was employed in a voyage to Van Diemen's Land and Sydney. (Described at item level).

Folios 18-22: case no 12, Thomas Hudgill, aged 22, convict; taken ill at sea; sick or hurt, mixed fever, of an indolent weakly habit, complained of slight headache, thirst, pains in his hip and knees, want of appetite, perspires freely; put on sick list 27 June 1844, died 27 July 1844 at 11 am.

Folio 25: Thomas Hudgill, aged 22, convict; sick or hurt, mixed fever or pyrexia; put on sick list 27 June 1844, died 27 July 1844.







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