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     Dinah married her sweet heart Samuel Player on 18th October 1884


They had 8 children:


Lucy Grace 1885

Lillie 1887

Winifred 1890

Thomas 1892

Harry 1894

William 1897

Ethel 1900

Herbert Vincent 1903




















Lucy Grace Player

Lucy Grace and husband Ernest Chapman



Lillie Player lived in Birchanger until she met and fell in love with William Scraggs who had come over from Dublin with brother James who then married Lillie's sister Winifred and sister Carrie Scraggs married William Player (Lillie's brother).

  A young Lillie on the left



The Scraggs brothers from Ireland



After their marriage William and Lillie moved to Rye Street in Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire were William was employed as a porter for British Rail.

Their son Patrick was born in 1923

William, Lillie and Patrick




Lillie Scraggs


Lillie her sister Ethel and Patrick, Lillie's son


 Phyllis b.1924 and Leslie b.1928 unfortunately Leslie died of meningitis in 1932 aged just 4    

Lillie and Phyllis

Phyllis Scraggs


Stephen Burns

son of

 Ethel Winifred Player and Douglas Burns

Great grand son of Dinah

Phyllis joined the WAFS and met Richard Breen who came from Cashel, Tipperary, Ireland who was in the Royal Air force. They married in Lancashire in 1948 Richard worked at Stansted Airport as a fireman

Patricia Breen one of Phyllis's children and

Dinah Hudgell's great great



Links to other members of the family:
Charles Stanley Hudgell 1879 - 1947  (Nephew)

Douglas Stanley Hudgell 1918 - 2003  (Great Nephew)
Charles Lesley Hudgell 1922 - 2005  (Great Nephew)


Special thanks to Barry, Stephen and Patricia who

have supplied me with information

and pictures of Dinah and her  family



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Jean Potter


                              19 June 1862 -

                                               Birchanger, Essex


Dinah was one of 16 children born to Joseph Hudgell and his wife Caroline Warwick, both from Birchanger.

     All but 3 of the children went on to have their own families some of whom still live in the area today.