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Charles Stanley Hudgell


1879 - 1947


Bishop Stortford Essex





Charles Stanley Hudgell
born 1879 Water Lane Bishop Stortford Essex
parents Sidney Hudgell and Lydia Ann Day Luckin

Constance Eleanor Robinson 1902

died 1947









Constance Alice Hudgell

 1903 1951

Dorothy Daisy Hudgell


1905 - 1982




Gladys Ivy Hudgell

1914 - 1989


Phyllis Hudgell

1916 - 1988


Douglas Stanley

1918 - 2003


Charles Leslie

1922 - 2005


Constance Alice 1903 1951
Dorothy Daisy 1905 - 1982
Robert Alfred 1907 - 1964
Violet 1909 - 1972
  Elsie 1911 - 1972

Gladys Ivy 1914 - 1989
  Phyllis 1916 - 1988


Douglas Stanley 1918 - 2003


Charles Leslie 1922 - 2005


Left to right

Dorothy, Constance Alice

Constance Eleanor and Charles Lesley


Dorothy and Constance Ellen


3rd from Left Constance Ellen,

 Daisy Hudgell and Lydia Robinson


   Charles worked for Rochford Nurseries in Stoney Common Stansted where they grew tomatoes grapes and cucumbers in 22 acres of greenhouses.

   A tied cottage at 45, Rochford Cottages came with the job but when he stuck his neck out and asked for more money his fellow workmates fearing they would loose their jobs and homes didn't stand by him and his lost both his job and home when he was sacked.

 Wages and conditions could only be described as poor. Bernard Rochford referred in 1912 to employees working six days a week, ten and a half hours a day, for 20/- shillings a week. In 1912 one grower from Waltham Abbey was supported in his refusal of a half day holiday on Saturdays. In 1914 the Vicar of Cheshunt spoke to the growers about seven day labour, though whether for the protection of the men's bodies or for the good of their souls is not clear!)

  The family moved to Station Road Stansted in a house they rented from the Archer family who owned the Bell and Feathers pub in the village. They had a small sweet shop in the front room which Constance served in and Charles earned extra cash by chopping kindling wood and tied it in bundles to sell.

To gain extra income he shot pigeons and sold them, he was also partial to a piece of pigeon pie himself


He started his own chimney sweeping business and got up at 5 oclock in the mornings to sweep peoples chimneys before they were lit.

He once cleaned a chimney at a house called The Thatch Grove Hill in Stansted were the maids had not put the fire out properly and the house burnt down.



Charles sitting on the wall,

Constance and Elsie in the doorway of the shop


Charles died in 1947 and Constance ran the shop until her health deteriated and she died two years later



Charles Stanley Hudgell


Constance Eleanor who he married in 1902


Charles Stanley Hudgell,

 Reginald Dixon (son in law)

and Constance


Jolly Boys Outing



The 'Veterans XI' cricketers of Stansted shown here (Charles seated in the middle) played several fixtures during the war years for the Red Cross and

other charitable causes. One such match recorded a cumulative age of 1,540 years for the players!

Charles loved sport especially cricket and football which he listened to many a time on the wireless


Dorothy Daisy Hudgell and husband Norman Childs and Aunt


Charles Stanley's granddaughter

Joanne Eleanor Hudgell


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